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Payment Options 

Just as our online courses provide you with flexibility in your studies, our payment options give you more choice as to how you manage your course fees.  

We believe everyone should have access to education, no matter their situation. So, if the cost of your preferred course is too much to pay all at once, that shouldn’t put a stop to your learning goals. 

Many of our student’s successfully juggle their course fees with life’s general expenses - childcare, mortgages/rent, travel and other everyday costs. And every year we see more people return to education to upskill and requalify successfully, alongside their busy schedules and pre-existing commitments.  

So, if you’re looking to go back into education to make your goals a reality, we can help you make it more affordable. 

Please note all of our courses are self funded, we do not accept any form of student finance.  

Pay in Full 

The quickest method of payment, providing complete peace of mind.  

This option is a popular choice for students who want to tie up any loose ends ahead of their studies.  

If you’d prefer to pay in full but can’t quite cover the cost of the fees, it may be worth speaking to your employer to see if they can help. Many workplaces are happy to contribute to the funding of online courses and continuing education if it means their employees develop skills to help them in their work.  

So, if your course is going to benefit your current career, check if your employer will facilitate your learning. 

Payments in full can be processed through the online application, or you can contact one of our team who can process your payment efficiently and securely. 

Payments can be made using any major debit or credit card.  

Spread the Cost Over Instalments 

One of our most popular payment options. Our 0% instalments are a simple way to spread the cost of your online course over a shorter but manageable timeframe. 

Only a small deposit is required at the point of enrolment to secure your course and gain access to the online materials. So you can get started right away, without worrying about your finances.  

The remainder of your course fees can then be spread over 10 months, or less if you’d prefer to clear the balance quicker.  

Payments are set up on debit or credit card and are collected on the last working day of each month. 

To get a better idea of the sort of payments you could be making, below is a typical example of paying for your course using our 0% instalment plan: 

  • Course fee - £999.99 

  • Deposit paid at the point of enrolment - £19.99 

  • Balance to pay over 10 instalments - Just £98.00 per month 

Please note if you finish your course before you finish your payments, you will not receive your qualification or certification until the balance is cleared. 

If you are a student with learndirect and are experiencing financial difficulty at any point in your learning journey, please speak to our financial support team on 01202 006 464 or via our online platform here


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