Sharks Giving Back

BluShark Digital is founded on the principle of helping businesses stand out online. As a company we make an effort to help in additional ways throughout our local community. From volunteering our time to donating to those in need our sharks look for opportunities to give back where we can.

If you are interested in partnering with BluShark Digital to give back to the community or have a suggestion for how we can help, feel free to contact us directly.

Here are a few of the latest events we have participated in around our community!

LGBTQIA+ Fundraiser

June is pride month and this year we raised money to donate to an employee’s non-profit of choice! During a company retreat, we raised money through a raffle. Tickets for the raffle were obtained through activities such as team participation, community building, and employee appreciation. After a fun day, we raised over $600 to be donated to Casa Ruby. Casa Ruby is the only LGBTQ multicultural and bilingual organization to provide social services and programs to vulnerable neighborhoods in Washington, DC.

Packing Meals for Feed the Fridge

The team at BluShark Digital partnered with Feed the Fridge, a non-profit organization, to pack meals for those struggling with food insecurity. Feed the Fridge kickstarted their efforts as a response to the pandemic. They provide family meals to the elderly who are unable to leave their homes on their own. Additionally, they install refrigerators throughout the DC metro area and pay local businesses to stock them with fresh food on a daily basis.

Blushark Offers Free SEO Services to Non-Profits Focusing on Social Injustice

In an effort to help our community and take proactive action, we are offering pro-bono services to non-profits in need of SEO assistance.

Crafting Valentine’s Day Cards for Send A Smile 4 Kids

Our team here at Blushark Digital helped spread the love this Valentine’s Day, as employees crafted handmade cards to be donated to Send A Smile 4 Kids (SAS4K). SAS4K is a charitable group that collects donated homemade cards to be distributed to children ages 1 to 19 that are currently in hospitals all across the United States. 

Change War for Australian Fire Relief

Recently, Australia was hit with several wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes and killed almost one billion native animals. For the month of January 2020, the BluShark Digital team participated in a Change War to support the Australian Fire Relief. For the Change War, jars were placed in different parts of the office and assigned to teams based on department. Employees were encouraged to place change in their department’s jar; however, they could also place bills in another team’s jar, subtracting the value from that team’s earnings.

Christmas Card Campaign

BluShark Digital created Christmas cards to help fulfill an elderly Wisconsin man’s final wishes. In early December, Gene Weittenhiller ended his prostate cancer chemotherapy to focus on spending time with family. To make his father’s last Christmas memorable, Gene’s son asked people to send his father a Christmas card.

We ended up contributing to the nearly half a million cards Weittenhiller received before passing away in January 2020. We hope the cards serve as a testament to the power of kindness.

Building Easter Baskets for Donations

It is often easy to get wrapped up in holidays planning travel and gifts for family and forget how fortunate we are to have family and the means to celebrate. This spring, BluShark Digital team members supplied items to stuff baskets for children ranging in ages from 3 to 18! Items included board games, craft supplies, books, flashcards, headphones, puzzles, toys, candy, and school supplies.

Coaching Middle School Forensics

Madi Alger, one BluShark Digital’s Community Development Coordinators, has volunteered as a Middle School Forensics coach for the past 8 seasons. Forensics is a public speaking competition that includes events like humorous duet acting, original comedy, small group acting, and improvisation. Madi served as the head coach of the improv team, teaching students the basics of improv and acting.

Donating Clothing to Community Members

This spring, BluShark Digital, LLC was proud to help bring clothing to those in need. BluShark Digital partnered with American University’s Zeta Psi Chapter for their annual “Trans-community Clothing Drive,” which helps local D.C. trans and non-binary community members find clothes that better match their identities.

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