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DTS Acquires learndirect

26th July 18

DTS acquires learndirect

On 23rd June 2018, exciting changes happened within our organisation as Dimensions Training Solutions (DTS) became the owners of learndirect.  This opens up a great opportunities for the business and is wonderful news for learners who will be able to access even more amazing learning opportunities.

Who are DTS?

DTS are a government funded training provider which specialises in the delivery of access to higher education, Advanced Learner Loans funded courses and apprenticeships. They have dozens of courses across a range of subjects which gives people the opportunity to broaden their skills and make positive changes by providing learners with a nationally recognised qualification. DTS recognises that there are many different routes that a person can take in which to progress in their career and so works with apprentices and employers to find the best possible solution to their learning requirements. They can then use this information to advise them on the best course(s) to advance their careers/workforce, as well as what funding is available to them.

DTS pride themselves in the courses they offer, as well as the technology used to enhance the learning process. Learners can access all of their learning online via DTS’ acclaimed virtual learning environment (VLE) PEARL.

DTS have a GOOD Ofsted grade and are passionate about apprenticeships and working with young people, and employers, to find the best possible start to a great career. Employers can be certain that DTS apprentices will display a commitment to learning and an ambition to do well.

Thousands of apprentices have already enjoyed their training with DTS. Many of whom have set up their own businesses and now look to DTS for apprentice employees. Others have gone on to achieve their personal goals within vocational and various business environments.

If you want to learn more about the courses that DTS have to offer, why not visit their website? www.dimensionstrainingsolutions.co.uk

The future

With DTS and learndirect being able to work in collaboration, we are going to be able to build on the strengths of both companies in order to offer individuals and employers so much more choice within the sector. With DTS’ technological expertise and learndirect’s fantastic resources, we can expand the provision on offer, and become a market leader in the sector.

DTS and learndirect both want to create, and deliver, fantastic learning experiences. We can draw upon the skills and experience within DTS to enhance what we can offer within learndirect. Our aim has always been to offer the best learning opportunities and we want this to continue for a very long time. We have a very clear vision for what the future will hold for learndirect now that it has joined the DTS family! The purchase of learndirect is going to mean that we can provide more choice, not only individual learners but also companies who need training to enhance their business. This is something that very few training providers are able to do!

We will also be able to provide tools and resources for the rest of the sector to utilise, such as our initial assessment and diagnostic materials, whilst delivering skills and employability contracts for the government.

The following months will be very busy, as we work tirelessly for better alternatives in education and building up the brand reputation of a strong, consolidated name in the education market.  

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