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Welcome to the learndirect Faculty for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

learndirect is now an approved Study Centre providing CIPD qualifications that are delivered through a range of engaging and interesting online learning materials. This means you can advance your career in The People Profession on your terms and relax in the knowledge your qualifications set the industry standard for HR and people development.


Your Questions, Answered!

If your ambition is to progress to the heights of HR, also known as the people profession, then achieving a CIPD qualification will enhance your career prospects. CIPD carries a strong sense of credibility among businesses and professionals across the HR industry.

While it is possible to work in HR without a CIPD qualification, completing CIPD courses will transform you into a more desirable candidate. Not only that, but you will develop and hone essential skills that adhere to the CIPD profession map, which outlines the global standards for human resources.

So, if you are wondering ‘is CIPD worth it?’, then the answer is yes! Instantly, you will have the credibility and knowledge to succeed in the HR industry. Plus, a CIPD qualification is proof that you are committed to continuing development.

A CIPD qualification is recognised all over the world as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the professional body that has been championing the standard of professional lives for more than 100 years.

Whether you achieve a qualification at CIPD Level 3 or CIPD Level 5, you will demonstrate a global standard of excellence, which is recognised by employers all over the world. This means that your career ambitions can span across all corners of the globe.

Within the CIPD structure, there are various levels. The Level 5 standard is roughly the equivalent of an undergraduate degree. These CIPD courses are ideal for professionals who have some HR experience and are keen to move up the ladder and pursue management roles.

Alternatively, if you have no HR experience but are educated at degree level, a CIPD Level 5 course is also suitable.

At the other end of the spectrum, a CIPD Level 3 course is comparable to the level of A Level study and is designed for aspiring HR professionals who are inexperienced in this sector.

The field of HR and Learning and Development (L&D) is vast, and with a CIPD qualification, you will become a desirable candidate for many employers. Below, we have outlined the roles you can pursue, depending on the CIPD levels you have studied.

CIPD Level 3
  • HR Assistant
  • L&D Coordinator
CIPD Level 5
  • HR Advisor
  • HR Manager
  • L&D Manager

By studying CIPD online courses with learndirect, you are not restricted by term times. You have the freedom to navigate through the course units at your own pace and in your own time. Within one year, you can gain your chosen recognised CIPD qualification.

Unlike traditional learning, you will not be limited to classroom timetables. Whether you want to study every other day or commit to two hours a day, it is entirely your choice.

For more information, or if you have any other questions regarding getting into CIPD don’t hesitate to CONTACT US

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